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My Projects

Here, you will find links to previous projects I've done in the fields of design, journalism, external communications, and performance. Should any questions arise, or if you decide that you would like to hire me for a new project—please don't hesitate to get in touch over email.

Social Media & Copy for New Literary Project

While working as the Assistant Director of New Literary Project, I developed a strategic brand style for all of our graphics and created copy for each social media post, scheduling them to post at peak times.

Sample designs can be viewed here.

An example of a featured Profile on staff are available at this link.


Articles in Affinity Magazine: Arts & Culture

I wrote various Arts & Culture articles for an online, internal magazine written for youth.

Featured articles include:

Short and Sweet: My Relationship With Hair
Love Your Lashes, Liner, and Lipstick

Art as an Experience


Untitled 3.png

Articles in Elk Grove Citizen

During my internship at the Elk Grove Citizen, I frequently solicited answers for our Question of the Week, in addition to writing op-eds.

Featured articles include:

The Immediacy of Student Debt

A Day for Past Laborers


Social Media for Chapter 510

While working as the Programs & Communications Associate at Chapter 510, I worked within a strategic brand style for all of our graphics and created a robust rollout for posting various campaigns.

Sample Campaign:

Write Your Roots

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